What Is Winter Solstice

What is Winter Solstice
What is Winter Solstice

What Is Winter Solstice?

What is Winter Solstice? Most people are unknown to many astronomical phenomena occurring throughout the year? Among the many natural wonders, winter solstice finds an amazing place in the book of natural breathtaking occurrences. This particular phenomenon takes place in the Northern Hemisphere during December and in the Southern Hemisphere during June. Under this, the hemisphere experiences the longest night and the shortest day. The night in the Arctic is 24 hours longer than regular days. This is an amazing observation and most people are unaware of the scientific action-taking place around them..Get Winter Solstice Images Here

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What is Winter Solstice? The question of what is meant by winter solstice is troublesome for many, but a simple explanation reveals the answer. This phenomenal event is a relation between the Sun's elevation angle and the two poles of the Earth. According to calculations, it occurs in the Northern Hemisphere region on the 21st and 22nd of December and 20th and 21st of June in the Southern Hemisphere. The planet Earth revolves about an axis at a particular point. The gyroscopic effect and axial tilt help the planet to rotate continuously about the axis maintaining the fixed point. As both, the hemispheres lie opposite each other, while one hemisphere experiences summer the other experiences winter. This occurs due to Earth's rotation.

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What is Winter Solstice? existence and explanation vary from culture to culture. However, most of the cultures recognize this natural event to recognize rebirth, rituals, and celebrations. In ancient times, according to history, the period saw the mating of animals, sowing new crops and harvesting old crops. All these examples display various cultures and their evolution across time. The remains of Stonehenge and Newgrange are physical examples of this phenomenon that dates back to the Bronze and Neolithic Age.

What is Winter Solstice? It is difficult for an amateur to see the solstice. This is because the Sun rotates slowly. It becomes difficult to find the exact day of its occurrence. However, recent observations were possible due to the astronomical tracking of the data. It is not possible to check for the solstice by itself. Nonexistence of an instrument makes it impossible for an observer to track the object movement. During this phenomenon, the Sun's movement is very limited. The longest night and shortest day event are in relevance to the Sun's movement. On the other hand, observing the event for a fraction using an aligned instrument is possible.

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What is Winter Solstice is a natural event in the universe? Much before the real scientific evolution, various cultures and civilizations adopted several practices to mark the day as very important. Rituals, the rights, and celebrations became part of the culture. The systems, which many cultures followed, are still in existence and practiced. The event is a celebration across the Northern Hemisphere, with many names. Most cultures celebrate the season as a memorial to mark life-death-rebirth deities. Cultures following solstice calendar believe in new beginnings.  They believe it as a rebirth of the previous year and celebrate it as a new year What is Winter Solstice.

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