Winter Solstice wishes

Winter Solstice wishes
Winter Solstice wishes

Winter Solstice wishes

Winter Solstice wishes me it is as good a day as any to wish for you guys happiness; regardless of the reason for your celebration, I hope you celebrate joyfully, merrily.

Have fabulous gatherings with your loved ones, much yummy food on your tables, and dear people to share it with.

I wish you healthy and content parents, sons and daughters, life partners… because their wellbeing makes us happy.Winter Solstice wishes

I wish you great nights of peaceful sleep and sunny mornings without anxiety.

Many cups of coffee amongst good friends, enjoyed with fulfilling and eye-opening conversations.

Many awesome books amongst your presents, and time to read them well.

I hope you are loved, cherished, listened to, respected; that the people you meet are tolerant of your views, orientation, interests, favorite topics, in a word — tolerant of you. Winter Solstice wishes

I wish you good jokes that make you laugh hard, loudly.

In short,  I wish you all much happiness, not just for today or tomorrow, but every day, because every moment matters. Winter Solstice wishes

Happy Seasonal celebrations, my sweetnesses!!! ♥

That your feet stay warm and so does your heart. Don’t let the world make your heart cold. I hope you never have the occasion to say “I wish I could stop feeling.” Because your feelings and your heart are beautiful.

That you know how strong you are. That you have faith in yourself. Stop doubting that you can do the thing. You are strong enough and you can do it. Winter Solstice wishes

That you give yourself the greatest gift of feeling at-home, safe, and loved inside of your own skin.

That you find your purpose in life and that you go for it with everything that you are. You were put here for a reason.

That you make time to enjoy the little things in life. There are so many things to enjoy. Savor them. Breathe them in. Winter Solstice wishes

That you are able to surround yourself with good people, bright souls, that always make you see that you are wanted and loved.

That you appreciate who you are and that you can see how many lovable qualities you possess and that you bring something unique and needed to the world.

Know you are worth loving. Let me repeat: You are worth loving.

Love yourself. Deeply, completely, and unconditionally. If you strive for anything this year, strive for that. Winter Solstice wishes

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